Friday, July 25, 2014

Tijuana Marathon

Its hard to believe that 3 years ago my dad and I ran the Tijuana half marathon. This is a video I made back in the day about our mini T.J. Half marathon experience. It was a great race really well put on and its free.. They had great music playing and misters too. I felt really safe down there too. 
I found out last week that the Tijuana Marathon was coming up and since I am supposed to run 20 Saturday 10 Sunday I thought why don't I sign up and do 5 Saturday and 26.2 on Sunday good Idea right ??
 Sunday is the day that I will running my 3rd marathon for the year. I am excited and nervous. I know once I am down there everything will be fine and I will be glad I signed up. It's always like this the days before I think "what was I thinking that's a long way to run." Then I start running I am loving life and I can't wait for the next race when I am done. I know its going to be hot so I am hoping for 4 hour marathon give or take a couple minutes. I am not  going for greatness I am going for a good solid training run with a medal please… I think the only thing that may make it hard is the heat so I am taking my camel back with GU brew and keeping hydrated until then. I will fill you in with the whole story when I get back but for now keep me in your good running thoughts Sunday as I run in Tijuana.. Did you know I born in Tijuana ? I was and I speak fluent spanish so it should feel cool to run in MEXICO…Happy miles 
 Here we are 6 am..
Our sweet medal.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Enjoying these foods

I am totally loving cucumbers right now. I love them cold. I love them with lemon . I love that there healthy and crispy.

I am loving the most basic salad. Tomatoes Onions Cucumbers and olive oil and vinegar . My favorite thing about it is it fills me up and doesn't hurt my tummy.

This is perfect food
 Peanut Butter and apples.. Yes please 

My new favorite gluten free chocolate swirl cup cakes.
There good and they don't hurt your tummy.
This is what I am probably having to much of this week cucumbers apples peanut butter and cupcakes..

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Beach day

I spent a large past of today at the beach with this little guy and Isabella. We went bird watching. My little boy loves looking at birds on the beach so I hold his little arms so he can pretend walk and of we go.

Then when he sees one he lifts his little arm and I think he is mimicking there wings..Its the cutest thing ever. One thing about having a little person in your life again is it helps you slow down .

everything is new to him and I love seeing what he sees. 

I am not sure the temperature of the water but its not cold . Its ok. The beach was full of surfers and swimmers and kids. Its always nice to people watch when there is so much going on.

Little baby feet are the best ever.. Cute and chubby and cute.

See you soon and I hope you have a chance to get outside..

Monday, July 21, 2014

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Its a wrap

Sunday Run day
I am happy that the week this week is all done and it was not all easy miles.  Training for a 50 miler is harder than I thought. I don't really know if I thought about how hard it would be. Once I get started its good but its always those first 3 miles I feel slow and sluggish. I was supposed to run 50 miles but I ran 46 and that is fine with me. I thought about how much I love my children on my run today and how lucky I feel to have them all in my house right now. It is crazy how you get to that point in your life where you rather be home playing a board game or watching a movie with your family than any where else doing anything else. I have incorporated movie night at our house. As my kids got older we stopped watching TV together . I was never a TV person but my kids like some shows so I learn to like them too. 

Yesterday we all hung out and watched a movie no I phones no computers . Just the big TV and us. We all ended up on the floor hanging out. I felt tired from the 20 miles I ran earlier but many times I feel like running helps me stop and really see whats important . The being tired is almost a good thing (sometimes) because I just watch this miracle of little people I made hanging out and I am in awe. I love there voices and the fighting and the singing. Now that Jack is a part of our life I love his little high pitched voice making sounds because he wants to talk too…Our life is short it does not last forever so I feel like doing something everyday with them is so important. That something  is often  hanging out all together on the floor reading ..
I read this awesome quote by the awesome Kara Goucher.
This is how I feel about running today.
That's the thing about running your greatest runs are rarely measured by racing success. They are moments in time when running allows you to see how wonderful your life is.