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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mount Laguna Trail Marathon

So what do you have planned for this weekend ? I am feeling really blessed that I get to run again this Sunday. I run around my house all the time but it is a real treat to get to run in the mountains for a girl with 4 kids who lives where I do.
 I love the feeling of crisp air surrounding me and the smell of the dirt and mountains. It makes me feel so grounded and whole. I feel really close to God when I am out there. You know life is so busy and full of stuff. I do wish I could slow down the whole thing and just sit with it all ….I feel like when your out running walking strutting, jogging whatever you choose to do you get that ..Life slows down a little bit and actually get to get rid of the crap that really doesn't matter in your head and then life seems so much clearer and whats really important seems to come to you. Its so good for you. Its like a veggie smoothie for the soul. So this Sunday I will be running the Mount Laguna Marathon. I ran it two years ago with these two guys.

Let me make my self clear .I did not run with them they are way faster than me but we all ran the marathon. I will be going at it alone this year and I am sure it will be great. Hey, I get to run for a bunch of hours so its a win win situation for me but I will miss my friends. Mike will be at the finish line with my mom and Jack and my little brother is coming too..Oh my dad too.

This is the medal I got two years ago and its my favorite one. 
This will be my last race for November and then I have the North Face half in December . I am once again excited to show up and try my best..
I am loving this quote . Run Often Run Long but NEVER out run the JOY of running...

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The very hot Pumpkin Patch

We made it the Pumpkin patch..Even though it was only Bella and Jack . It was 96 degrees is that not crazy hot. It does not feel like October that is for sure. 

It was fun we went on the hay ride and just about melted.

Then we picked out a pumpkin and just about melted.. 

It was fun and Bella was really glad we went. Can you see the bags under my eyes ? I was still recovering from the race . Having a baby that wakes up a couple times at night doesn't help either.. October is a really fun month specially if you live were there is actually Fall. Here we fake fall but that is Okay too.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Advice of Dean Karnazes

Oh la la …4th

I got the results from the race on sunday and I came in fourth in my age division.  Yeah that has never happened but its kinda of exciting.  This made my day . So I will smiling all day as I change diapers and cook dinner.. Life is good..


I really like the Ginger Rummer. That is what is on my computer monday nights. Gotta stay motivated. You can subscribe on you tube..Good stuff

Monday, October 27, 2014

My Lake Hodges 50k race review

Hi guys :) sorry it has been about a week since my last post but Jack and I had a really bad cold. I was actually looking forward to Sundays run when I was sick because there is nothing like a long run to clear you up. So Sunday morning the Hodges 50k started at 7am. That is such a good time to start a race because you can have  everything done by 7am. I had breakfast and I didn't forget anything. (that is a big deal for me ) I parked on the street and walked about a block to the start line. The weather was perfect. Not to cold not to hot. I saw a bunch of people I knew and that is always nice. I like hearing familiar voices. Specially the Oh Hi Gloria so glad your here.. Always nice.

We took of at 7am and the race director Jesse gave us a good morning send of with some directions and off we went. I have to say that everyone was really nice. Saying good morning and how are you ? Here and there. I felt good and I was excited to be able to run a 50k locally and actually because the weather was so great I was really looking forward to running so close to my house. Right after I took this picture I saw my friend Jeff running out there too. So that was an excellent surprise. 

I did not listen to my music for about 15 miles. I was really trying to work on having my breathing in control and good posture. I find when I run relaxed I can run farther . That's what we want people.. Long easy runs that don't hurt. The only thing that bothered me was my right knee and that's where I fell a while ago.  The scenery was beautiful and it was a flat race. I found out flat and cool was okay with me.

I ran behind this girl for a while she had a good pace and good form. Those are things I always work on. 

I did not stop at any aid stations . I had my Camel back with me and it was full of water and Trailwind with caffeine. I love caffeine. I did grab some bananas but quickly ran away. I am finding my body really likes bananas when I run.

I promised myself I could listen to some Dave Mathews after mile 15 and I did and it was good it helped me think about other stuff.. I honestly felt great the entire time. I prayed and I felt like my heart was so full of gratitude.. I got to be outside and I felt good and I was running. All things that make me happy. 
Around mile 27 I knew I needed to just push and not walk at all.  Its difficult in my mind when I see other people walk to not really want to walk. I only walked up Raptor Ridge because there was so many people walking I had no choice but in all reality there is no way I could run up that hill anyway. (one day ) after I came down I just played the game. 
 I kept finding the next person in front of me and try to catch them. That's always a fun way to keep yourself motivated. I got new glasses too. I could se everything clearly. That was nice too.

Here I am almost done. This is me being a total dork and saying hi to my dad. I wore orange and black for Halloween and I was really happy the whole time. My mantra was  Don't stop trying G. 

It took me 5:45 minutes. Not bad hu.. Last time I ran a 50k it took me about 7 hours so I did way better. Mike and Jack were also waiting for me. I was very happy with my time but most importantly my experience was awesome. I highly recommend this 50k. Its put on by Off road pursuits and the director is also an Ultra Runner. Really nice guy and the entire race went really well. 

The winner did it in 3:40. Crazy fast times. I saw the winner running and he was just flying by and it looked so easy for him. Love that. So here I am my medal my new glasses and me. 

Jack likes my pint glass and we had Subway and a bunch of good food after the race too. I am so thankful for my health and that I am able to run races like this. Its also nice to have my family waiting for me at the end. What I learned this weekend is you just have to keep trying and not give up. Oh and my cold is gone. See running is good for your health it made my cold go away…Happy Trails Peeps..

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Next Sunday..

Hi. I have been resting up and being a mom. I have gone for a couple good runs but I a trying to listen to my body. I have a 50K that I have been looking forward doing this sunday. It will be my first time running The Hodges 50k. I have heard great things about this race and I am crossing my fingers its not to hot. I know its a really well put together race and the organizer is a really great guy. Mike has ran this race twice and he did great. I just want to have a good time and do a little better than my last 50k. The race is about 15 minutes from my house so that is very cool. A local 50k.
Lake Hodges is always full of runners I think its hard to find trails around here and you can get a-lot of solid miles out there.There are hills and its pretty.  I had a bad experience out there once so I really don't run there as much as I could. I ran out of water and it was over 100 degrees and I was not alone but it sucked . I will be running 31 miles out there Sunday so I should get over any feeling I have about Hodges while I am out there. I am looking forward to the experience and seeing some friends out there on the trail. Oh and seeing my dad and family at the finish line is always a huge plus. I have my kids this weekend so they will be there too. I love having cool races to look forward to but even more the cool life experience you get is kinda awesome .