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Friday, September 19, 2014

Grateful Friday

I am grateful for long hot races that make you work your ass off . They make you stronger they teach you that anything is possible if you train right. The heat teaches you that getting out of bed and on the road as early as possible is a good thing. Even when your eye lids tell you differently. Eye lids lie

I am grateful for my tomato plant. I am not very good with plants I touch them and they die but this year I bought a tomato plant and it did not die. Maybe my luck with plants is changing. 

Grateful for the little things that keep me close to my inner child. I love girlie stickers great pens and little notebooks..I love collecting memories of today and yesterday. I love when my daughters want to share my stuff with me. 

I am grateful for this great city I live in. San Diego always has good weather and its beautiful . The traffic sucks but hey if you leave early enough then you OK.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

A day at the Bay and some thoughts

I recently took a day trip with Jack to the bay. My other kids where at school so we had plenty of time. I took my running stroller a BOB. I packed it full of goodies and of we went. I ran about 2 miles before Jack decided it was time for me to stop and play. He doesn't ride as long as he used to.So we stopped and played on the play ground until he was ready to go back.
 I had dinner with my Girl friend the other night and she asked me if I felt different having a baby at 42 versus having my babies in my 30s. I have been thinking about this a lot. The big difference is the older I am the more I feel aware of time. It goes by so quickly. So I feel very aware of how quickly Jack is growing up and because of Jack I really feel more aware of how quickly Bella, Christopher and Paola are becoming adults. 

I can't make life slow down but I can be more aware and Yup I can take a-lot more pictures. I love printing out my pictures and putting them in albums. Looking back also is a window into how quickly time flies. Christopher told me the other day ,"mom we are living the best years of our life right now ". I agreed. Its not about buying things or going places don't get me wrong I like both but it seems to me it about holding our kids and being kind to our own self so that way we can have a healthier relationship with every one else. 

I feel really lucky to just have this life right now and even though many times I wish I had more really what I have and today was enough..

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sleep Please

My little man does not like to sleep. He goes to bed early around 8pm but at 4 or 5 am he is up. My GF gave us a book and we are trying it ..We are determined to get him to sleep until 6 am. We have had a couple nights of sleep ..That to means he gets up 2 times but wakes up around 6 am. He is super happy when he wakes up and he is all smiles so maybe he is a super morning baby.. I don't know but let me tell you I would love a full night of sleep...

Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Update

Weekend update time. This was a successful training weekend. I found my big girl panties and put them on. What I mean is I conquered most of my fear of what if I can not go the distance . It feels good so here we go.

I asked my dad if he would fallow me on his bike Saturday morning because I wanted some company. So since I have a super supportive dad he said Yes. I really wanted to get out there early and not stop because of I wanted to beat the heat . It was a hot one. I picked up my dad in Solana Beach we drove 20 miles north to Oceanside and then we made our way back to my dads car. It was humid and it was flat because I ran all along the coast. I decided not to run on the trails because I would of had to run alone. My dad is not a big of the trails in this heat. ( me neither ) I felt great and I did my 20 miles with no problem and I needed no problem miles because I just wanted a long happy run. It was just what my doctor ordered. 

Sunday morning my dad and I met in Mission Bay around 6:30
We went around the bay once and added a little extra to make 10. I was not as hot as Saturday so that was a big plus. It was still warm . The view was beautiful but what I really wanted was to jump in the water. 

So after this weekend I had a 48 miles for the week. It was 48 miles of being on a mini vacation with lots of added heat.

What I learned this weekend was cotton T shirts are super heavy when wet. My dad is a Rock Star and you can not drink enough water in this heat. Oh I almost forgot on my run Sunday I met a man that goes by the name of Trail Dan. Super cool man . He told me some stories about his many years of running and then went on to tell me about the year he finished Badwater ,Western States and so many other runs. It was really great to hear his stories. I love people with history that love to share there stories . I hope you got out this weekend and I have less than a month until my race…I am getting excited. Happy Miles.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Favorite Running Movies

In less than a month I have my big race. The one I have been training for and I am feeling scared. There I said it. I am nervous . When I was driving up to run my first 50k I got so nervous (I got sick) but as soon as I got to mile 4 I was OK. My fear is I won't finish. I know I will finish with out a doubt but The fear is still there. So when I feel this way and I need to get my mojo back I call on inspiration.
These are my inspirational collection of movies. They are really good. If I am in the mood for a documentary The Runner is it. Then when I just want to see really good I mean crazy good professional runners I watch Unbreakable. The Last Mile is soothing good story about runners but my all time favorite is Ultra Marathon Man. I love Dean and I love how inspirational he is. Its not about running its about the human spirit and he has a very bright light in him because when I watch the movie his light shines through the TV. I am serious.  Happy Miles