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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Post 1000 is on today

This is my 1000 post. I started my blog many years ago. I thought this was a perfect way to journal and share my passions. I have gone from scrap booking to knitting to crochet to painting all that time running and sharing all about my races. Those stories are here on my blog. All the stories that make me happy. 
Today I spent most of the day hiking with my kids at the Cleavland National Forrest. My son asked me if we could wake up early and go hiking.  I said really ?? and he said yes. I woke up this morning and let them sleep in a little bit because there on break and then before I knew it we were in the car driving to the mountains. It was that easy. They really wanted to go.(so inside I was super happy but played it of as cool mom ) Isabella even wore a little deer outfit. There is nothing that could make me happier except maybe living in the mountains. The drive is hard on Jack its about an hour drive, he hates the car. Isabella was a big help singing to him and keeping him happy. Christopher carried Jack in the back pack for most of the way and this made Jack very happy. Isabella and I fallowed behind because I was being paranoid mom. ( Don't drop the baby )
 We talked so much on our hike. We talked about what they wanted to be when they grew up. How they plan on getting a job. We talked about high school and there was a-lot of questions about how hard its going to be. We talked about our dream house in the mountains and many times it was said..We are so lucky we have each other. I asked them what there favorite part was about having a family and they said dinner time. When we sit together and eat your food mom. We sit and talk and eat and talk. I love that. We laid on the ground and looked up at the sky. Even jack was just laying there looking at all the clouds. I felt like what we were doing was sweet and just sharing with ourselves moments I hope we always remember. Isabella said mom we are under my favorite food Mashed potatoes. The clouds looked huge and fluffily and dark.  It was cold out but we came prepared. I brought snack that consisted of cut up apples and oranges and nuts and cheese and everything was gone by the time we made it back to the car. Another thing I love is when my kids eat. We all took turns carrying Jack. Jack kept talking and we sang songs it was really good. Have you ever had a day that you thought to yourself if I die today I am OK..That is how I felt. I had the perfect combinations of things I love. My kids the mountains and fall was in the air. I wish everyday was like today but that would get old too. So I am so very grateful that I had today. When we came over the hill and to our car this is what I saw. The sun was setting over the trees saying Thank you G for visiting and I in return said Thank you Universe for your sharing your beauty . Sometimes it just all comes together. So for my 1000 post all I can really say is that today was a grand day.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sunday, November 16, 2014

30 miles later

My weekend had lots of running in it and Thank God because the last two days were stressful and running was just what I needed to think things through and find some peace.
Life does that thing..
You are happy everything is going well and all of a sudden its not. I hate that so I took myself out for 20 on saturday and 10 on Sunday and I cleared my head. SERIOUSLY thank you lord for letting me find an activity that helps me just like or better than therapy would. Sometimes all you need is a long ass run. Hope your weekend was a good one.

Enjoy your Sunday

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A hiking date with Jack

Today I was able to run away with Jack into the mountains for a couple hours. We went on a hike. I think I get way more excited than Jack does that is for sure. I decided not to drive to far from home because my kid hates the car seat. It was a good day to hike here in San Diego. A little overcast and not to hot. 

I really do feel a crazy urge to go outside for as long as I can and run around or hike or whatever I just need to feel the air. Jack does not complain he is ready and willing to let me carry him. The kid is heavy or maybe the pack is ?? He amuses himself by pulling on my hair. Pulling my hat off or grabbing my glasses. Its all ok with me as long as we are both amused.

After an hour I let him out to play for a bit. He walked around this wall for about 20 minutes and I fallowed him. I love watching him explore. His word right now is WOW !!! He sees a bug he says wow . He loved looking at this stone wall and the pictures on murals. I run by this wall often on Saturday mornings but now I will forever think of it as Jacks wall. He looks so small standing there.

Everyday I am so grateful to have kids. I think maybe because my older kids are all in school and  so I had forgotten how amazing it is to see life though a little persons eyes. It has been 10 years since I had a little person.  He also loves airplanes. This is us watching them fly by. We walked for about 8 miles I think . I was trying to figure it out but I think that's about right. My back says it was way more than that. 

I used to think a-lot of stupid stuff like I can't take him alone in the pack its to heavy. Dumb assumption I can carry it. I used to think I can't go out there alone I will get lost. Not true either.. I am smart girl and with Jack on my back getting lost is not an option. I love this growing up thing and finally understanding that  all those insecurities I had I don't need anymore.. Life is to short and going by way to fast for me to put any energy into the stupid thoughts or dumb assumptions … 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ramblings from my brain

Did you watch the movie I posted below ? You totally should its so great. I have been over here in my little corner of the world planning what races I would like to run next year and what I would like to do different. Do you remember your first 5k 10k or marathon , half marathon. I know that when I started running I loved all my first for many reasons but the biggest one was the experience. The not knowing what you are going to experience but choosing what ever it was going to be it was going to be good.  I love knowing I have the capacity to make the next one better. This year I had my first 42 mile run on my birthday and my first 50 mile run. I learned a lot about running and myself. I learned I need to work harder and smarter during my runs. I also learned I am afraid a lot of stuff . I am  overcoming lots of that now that I am actually aware of it.
 This has been a fun year for me. I sometimes feel a little crazy about how much I love things. How much I love my kids and how much I love making there beds so when they get home they can see there room all clean. I love it. How much I love running with Jack and alone. How good it feels to just go. How good it feel to lay on the grass at the park and just look at the sky . I don't want to take any of it for granted I want to be here in my house with my family cooking and I want to get up early and run. I feel like that's my I want it all.. Jack and I are planning another hiking adventure fir this Thursday. I made him a cute beanie and I bought him some gloves. Poor baby his hands were freezing last week. I got him a little North Face so we should be golden for this week. Do you have any mini adventures planned for this week ?

Have a bright day and may your day be filled with lots of sunlight.
Happy miles.

Western Time: a Western States 100 Film | Post-Premiere Broadcast

Western Time: a Western States 100 Film | Post-Premiere Broadcast
I am really looking forward to watching this movie. Right now when Jack naps I love spending my time watching movies that inspire me. He takes 1 long nap with me so this is how I am choosing to spend that time. I have been trying to figure out what races I want to train for next year. I feel really lucky that I got to run so much this year and knock on wood not get injured. I have so much to learn and I love that feeling of knowing that if I just work harder I will get better. I really want to run better than I have in past. I feel I can if I just really focus. I am a big admirer of Sally McRea she is a bad ass runner. Mom and wife. How can I not admire her.  Anyway, I hope you get a chance to watch this tonight I know I will be. Have a great day.