Monday, August 18, 2014

My AFC Half Marathon Review

My alarm went of at 4 am. their was the second day in row that I was up at 4 am and yes initially I was thinking 5 more minutes right ? but them I sat up and made my way out of my bedroom because I didn't want to wake anyone up and proceeded to get ready in my kids bathroom. I knew I had to be in the car no later than 5am . I did my usual routine. Toast with peanut butter a large cup of coffee and water. I probably should of done it faster but oh well. I left my house at 5:10 and I knew I had a 45 minute drive to the buses. I don't speed when I drive because I just don't. So I just drove down and I do have good parking mojo and luckily I had it with me Sunday too because I found parking easily and I ran about half a mile to the buses and got on the second to last bus. Once on the bus everything was fine. I let all that driving stress go and started to think about the race. My biggest fear was what if my legs are to tired to run today. I told myself I would run at whatever pace felt good and i would push myself to much. You have to push a little ..

This was my 6th AFC half so it was nice to be back with familiar surroundings of a race I knew. The views in Point Loma are amazing and it was getting warm but nothing like the Tijuana marathon so it was ok by me. There was 8000 people running and even though I knew a lot of people running I didn't see familiar faces.. I met some new people and thats always fun. I do love all the cool running outfits that runners put together for the big day. The starting line of a race is great people watching for sure. 

I could not find my arm band for  my phone in the morning so I had to use my super cheap one. So I could take pictures while I was running :(  The race started at 7:30 Its really hard at this race to make your way through the crowd. There was a lot of runners in a small space. I just did what I could and my legs surprisingly felt fine.  I kept waiting for them to feel tired but they were fine. It was really and humid. Whats up with the humidity in san diego lately.. I was hair was completely soaked . My clothes was drenched it was a wet run. I feel like I was not hating life because of the heat it was just another thing to adjust too. The race went by quickly. I saw a sweet friend along the way and she took my picture. I was excited because I felt like I am growing as a runner and I am slowly but surely getting stronger I was 38 miles in two days and I was fine. When I crossed the finish line my dad was there…I love my dad. He is always there..

The AFC always has huge heavy medals. There very nice.

Then later looked who showed up. Its my little man and my not so little but still little to me daughter. I don't care what the distance its always nice to have loved ones show up for you. There is nothing better than seeing theses faces...

The gang. Life is better when you get to share what your passionate about with the ones you love. 

My finishing time was 2:07 and I am happy with that. Here is Jack eating my medal. See medal can be used as other things too. Here is what I learned from last week. I have to take my nutrition more seriously . I need to go bed early . ( its 11:30 and I am typing this ) I need to stretch more. This week there will be less running because someone is turning 1 and we have family coming in town . Just between you and me my body needs to rest. Its telling me it needs to run less this week..
Hope you have some happy miles ahead of you this week.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

25.7 Trail Miles

A friend told me about a trail run that was going on this Saturday. It was going to be 26.2 miles . I thought to myself I really need to get some good trail miles in since I have very little experience on the trail. My friends husband wanted to go too and that was perfect because he would not let me get lost.. I was so happy about that.  I got up at 4 am and was out the door by 5 am. I had a ride and we where there by 6:30 and ready to run by 7. 

It was so hard at the beginning. I could not catch my breath and my legs felt like bricks. I had a simple breakfast and I only had a bit of coffee so I was surprised I felt so tired. Maybe I had not recovered from last Sunday or maybe running on a trail is hard and so  different then running on the road. On a trail like the one we where at you have to focus on every step and it felt like a whole body work out.

I am happy to report that by mile 3 I felt good. I could breath and my legs felt relaxed. It was getting hot but not humid so I was fine.

Jeff started feeling sick around mile 17. He was hot and we stopped at Jack in the box on the way in and he had a burrito that all I can say his tummy was a mess. So we started walking and we ended up walking about 6 miles.

The views where amazing and the sky was beautiful.. I loved walking and I did not mind it at all. Its was so pretty.

On this road the adventure started, we decided to walk on the road because Jeff was feeling bad and this way if we needed to ask for a ride we could. We started running on the road and we had what we though was a 3 mile run. 

I felt like I was in a movie ..I was running on the road and I thought to myself I love this. Its what I love. I put on my head phones and put John Mayer on and started on my way.. Gloria was smiling ..

I turned out to be 4 miles and add that to the trail miles that would put us at 25.7 miles. It was awesome ..

We are all done and now its was time to celebrate..That was a long day 5:30 hours of hard work. This is what I learned . If I want to run on trails I have to run trails a-lot more. I have so much to learn.. I need to work way harder and I need to get stronger. Maybe run a little less and work out a little more. I am so happy for friends who are willing to go out and run with you. I am so happy that little man got to spend some good time with how dad.  How did we celebrate we had a Coke and a smile… Happy Miles...

Friday, August 15, 2014

As of lately

These are a couple of my favorite pictures lately. I feel so grateful for my family..They are what I mostly think about  on my runs and it always brings a smile to my face. Its a crazy life so much to do.  Its so hard to just stop and take a deep breath sometimes and one thing about running is it gives me the time I need to reflect on my life. I will be reflecting a lot this weekend. I have a big run Saturday and the AFC half on sunday.  I will let you how I do. Happy running 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

I find this to be true

Amen to this. I have have a tough time recovering from Sundays run. My quads and well my legs just hurt. They hurt going up the stairs and when I just move them. I am super sore. So I am taking it easy and doing some short runs because you know wheat they say.. A short run is better than no run. 

the first mile is always the hardest. Then you just have to keep moving slowly and after about 20 minutes things start to feel good. I find this to be very true..Baby steps lead to bigger steps. Even when my legs hurt like today I still find myself loving the motion. The motion of my arms moving and legs . I love that feeling when your moving and air does not matter how fast or slow you are its a body in motion there is noting like it. I have a big weekend ahead of me . I am excited to share it with you soon. DO you have plans for the weekend ? Are they running plans ? 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Stairway to Heaven half marathon

Sunday morning I woke up at 5 am made my way down stairs and  had my coffee. I got all my stuff and did my best to be out the door by 5:40. I only had to drive about 30 minutes to this sundays half marathon. I was really nervous and feeling really insecure because it was a trail run. Once I was there I felt much better. I said hi to some friends and made a couple new running peeps. It was hot and it was 6:30 in the morning. We all made our way to the starting line .

The race director gave a little speech and then at 7:04 it started. I stayed near the back but in retrospect I need to make my way to the middle and not be such a wimp and insecure about running by people. The course was really pretty . 

It is also very hilly and very technical. I liked the up hills they are challenging and I am not afraid to fall but coming down hill was a little different. I was a little scared after seeing a couple guys fall flat on there backs so I was careful. 

I have no idea who this guy is but I wanted to show you why this was named Stair way to heaven. We run up to the of this mountain . There are stairs that kick your ass but at the top is a girl smiling dressed as an Angel. 

I am hot in this picture and I chose a long sleeve shirt. Do you also love the mascara below my eyes from the sweat. I know !! I feel like yelling G…
Short sleeves honey and take all the mascara of before you run. 

I felt strong most of the race I just need to not hold back. I think on the trails I am afraid I will run out of energy so I make sure I have this reserve and at the end I had all this run in me I did not use. 

This is me running in. My dad showed up and took this picture. Its always nice seeing someone you love waiting for you at the finish line. I can always count on my dad. I recommend this race its put on by The Dirt Devils and they have four races a year. I did get a little lost but I found my way back. 

I am happy about my run and I think I am learning a-lot about running. One thing in trail running your shoes need to be at least 1 size bigger mine are a size and a half bigger .. I hate loosing my toe nails and bigger shoes help me keep them. Happy Trails and I am really looking forward to next Sundays half...