Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thursday Stories

I have been thinking about making Thursday my story day. This will be my first one. This is my birth father. His name is Pancho. A very fitting name for him. He was a very good looking man. He wore his hair long and he had a very raspy voice. He had tons of personality. If you knew him then you had a nick name . When he came around to visit me my name was Skinny or his fly girl. I can tell exactly how I felt when I heard he was on his way. I felt warm inside. I remember looking at him and loving the resemblance there was between him and I. I felt like I truly belonged and that was a feeling I was not familiar with so I welcomed it with open arms. He hugged me like he missed me so much that in that moment it did not matter how long he was gone for. In this picture are so many of my favorite things. My favorite color is Orange. My favorite car is a Volkswagen van. It had been ever since I would sit in the passenger seat with him as he drove around. He would tell me. Flaca ( skinny in Spanish ) he would say look around . I would look out the van window and then he would say there is magic in the air baby. Where I would say ? He would look at me and say magic is here  because of you.  I believed him. He was an amazing musician he played the guitar and the piano. He sang with this raspy awesome voice. I think about him a-lot when I run. I do not want to forget what few memories I have so I play them over in my head like a broken record . A broken record that never gets old. My favorite thing about him was his hands. When I close my eyes I can see his lovely musical hands and I can often feel them holding mine. Running has helped me heal the wounds left behind by those so close to me that have died. Wounds left because they held such a huge place in my heart that was empty and some how now I can take all the goodness they gave me and just run with it. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday Thoughts

Hi and happy Tuesday. I am happy to report I am still injury free and for the most part loving my training runs. Today I ran for about two hours.  I do not get to run on the trails during the week so I have to take what I can get. That means Jack takes a nap Mike is home and I run out the door and keep running until its time to go home. I just tell myself that time on my feet and getting my miles in is better than getting hung up on the fact that I can't make it to the mountains. As you know I love running on concrete as much as most of my friends hate it . I love it. I run faster on the street and I get to zone out. My friend Robert told me a couple weeks ago when I was whining about how tired I was that it would get better. Honestly I think its better. So with 17 days  away until The PCT 50 . The first of the San Diego Ultra Slam series. I am feeling excited about the challenge that lies ahead..

Life is Good

Saturday, April 18, 2015

26 - PCT - Good Runs - Good Friends- Pushing Hard

picture by : Becca Roan
I had the best run today. I had a really good run and I needed it. I was up at 4 am so I could make our run on time. I am really trying to do things right and today it worked today. 
I went to bed at 9pm
I woke up at 4 am 
Had a huge bowl of oatmeal at 4:15
Put everything in the car the night before so I would not have to stress the night before :)
I got dressed and was in the car by 4:30
So I had no stress driving because I had enough time. 
I decided since I have been feeling so tired on my runs to try eating other than GU.
I tried dried figs from Sprouts. I loved the energy they gave me and my tummy never felt gross. 
The most important part I ran with My favorite bunch of runners. Funny Hard working good people. (The Trail crashers )
So this combination worked for me and in total I had an 80 mile week that ended with a great run… 

The great thing is I have been having a really hard time keeping up and feeling exhausted during my runs. A part of me has been feeling man I suck at this but not today :)
Today I ran 26 miles on the PCT and it was great ,beautiful and all those things that help you have a wonderful run. I am going to cross my fingers that next week goes like today. Happy Trails and guess what 48 day and 8 hours until the San Diego 100.
I am doing the excited dance over hear peeps.
These pictures where taken by my friend Becca Roan

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Voice 2015 Sawyer Fredericks - Top 12: “Imagine"

This is my new favorite song sang by this umber talented kid. Sawyer. Just amazing stuff.