Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tuesday Thoughts

My Western shoes are cleaned up and my butt is back at it. I am doing what I love to do and what ignites that passion for running in me .. As of yesterday I am back !! I went for a run and oh how I missed it .. Then as I was starting my run  all those feeling of man I am slow came back. Its hard to start back at something but if you don't start you will never know what your capable of doing right ? I think so many times it becomes a little scary to start but the pay off is so much greater than the fear its so worth it. Today I did an hour of core work and later I plan on doing a short jog.
Mentally I can say this for sure I feel happier . I always feel so much better when I exercise. My mantra for the last year has been baby steps in all I do. This means just keep going specially when its hard just take baby steps G.  I must have said that to myself 1000 times at Western. I still can't believe I ran Western and the amount of love and encouragement I felt from my friends and family was huge. I didn't give up because I really wanted to make them and myself proud .. That's where baby steps came in . I have  had 4 babies so I would imagine little steps but progress for sure. You know Dream Big thing you read everywhere I totally get it now. You have to see your dream to make it happen.  If you can dream it then it can be yours sort of thing. Its true !!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

One of my favorite qoutes by Elizabeth Gilbert

Mommy Adventures

A day in the life of mommy adventures !!
One of my favorite things to do is to create an adventure day. I think its fair to say I don't like being home all day. I get stuff done around the house and since I can't really run right now to much because I just hurt. (not to worry that will change as soon as I heal ) I spent the morning completely reorganizing , painting and cleaning out the pantry. When I was done Jack and I went on a walk to lunch and then we decided to go the movies. His first movie. ( how exciting) They say you have to make your own adventure and it was.
I took the stroller and I knew little man would start of walking with me but our walk would be long and it was hot so the stroller would come in handy. We walked for about 30 minutes playing carwash before he decided he wanted in the stroller. We played  the alphabet game. We had so much fun and before you know it we stopped to have lunch. Lunch was also awesome . I find all these little moments in our day that seem to stand out. Time goes by so quickly it's almost like I am holding on to it as it passes through my fingers.  We walked to the movies and maybe this sounds weird but when you drive everywhere walking all day is really cool. The movie was a couple miles away so we listened to music and walked some more. The chances of making it through the movie I knew where slim but I thought the walking and lunch would make my chances greater of making through the movie and I was wrong. The movie was fun and we only stayed an hour and I did not mind leaving early. So we created our own adventure today and I walked 10,000 steps and little man when to bed at 7pm  because he was so tired from all the fun. Oh and my pantry looks awesome !!!

Friday, July 15, 2016

SUmmer days

Summer has been treating us well. I still have not gone for a run . I am letting those fractured bones on my feet heal and it has not been easy. I am so ready to go but my feet really hurt so I am finding other things to keep my busy. Jack and I have been going for walks as soon as we wake up and its really nice to get outside and just move. We have been using my dads pool a couple times a week and our latest thing has been taking Rock climbing classes. Jack loves it and he seems to be getting more comfortable with it every time we go.
I am definitely dying to figure out what my next goal race will be. I love having a big goal to work for. There are so many great races it is hard to choose. I am sure it won't be long before I figure what is next. Hard Rock is this weekend and I am fallowing my favorite runners as I type.  Hard Rock looks like an entire different animal as far as 100s go.
I hope to be out these running soon . Hope your summer is going well and your staying cool . 

Thursday, July 7, 2016

My thoughts today

I really want to share 10 of my favorite thoughts from Western States before I forget. I am still riding high from the experience and I am wearing my buckle as I type.
1. When the race started I remember climbing thinking OK I am at 6200 feet and I am going straight up to Emigrant Pass 8750 feet. A climb of 2550 feet in 4 1/2 miles. That's really cool that I can do this. Then my thoughts where I can do this! I can do this !
2. When I got to the top someone told me you need to keep going don't look around you don't have time. My thoughts where Don't look around really ? I stopped and took it all in nodded at that guy and went on my way. I guess he brought me back to the present moment and I was glad I really stopped to take that insane view in.
3. My favorite view . I loved the weather it was so nice and the runners in front of looked little and to my left where these huge canyons and trees it was glorious. I often think how cool it would be to have ginger runner talents and be able to film and then show these beautiful views.
4. Seeing my crew for the first time. I loved hearing familiar voices and knowing they love me enough to be here all day for me. How lucky am I.
5. I ran with a couple of really cool people I admire big time. They told me some stories about there favorite 100 mile races and I love that time when nothing else matters just the trail the story being told to you .
6. I thought a-lot about how lucky I was to have such amazing race directors who really care in San Diego. They know your name they make you feel like your really part of this group that loves to run. I admire our race directors there amazing ultra-runners and they put on great races. I wish I could do them all.
7. The pain. The pain was real but It was really cool to know my mind was in charge. I told myself no pain and it went away.
8. At mile Hwy 49 I had bit to go and I was so tired and as I ran I through the meadow I thought about The Trail Crashers and how much I love theses people. How when I started running with them  I was way slower 2 years ago  and they always waited for me. It seems so fitting that 5 of them ran in with me at the finish.
9. I remember trying so hard to run and barely running but it felt like I was winning. Does that make sense ?
10. My husband usually can't make my races because we have kids and Jack my youngest is 2 and staying home with Jack is easier for both of us. Mike was there the entire race and he crewed me and he has told me so many times how I can run any race I want because he saw how much I really love this and my passion is awesome . How cool is that.