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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

   May you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Love ,G 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Family Time

Our hike began around noon. It was still cold but you could feel the warm sun and that made it feel right. My son insisted on once again carrying Jack. That was so nice to have help. We talked a-lot about how beautiful it is .

My 13 year old is now taller than me and he really is a huge help.

The clouds would just move by us. We all took turns saying what animal we saw. I love that game. Then all of a sudden they passed by and the sky was blue again.

The blue Sky is back.

We went back to the car after our fist hike and drove to our next place of adventure..It was lie a 20 minute drive. This is Jack hanging out in the trunk while we had our snacks. I forgot his shoes so I couldn't let him run around to much. So he was happy to be able to stretch out in the back of the car.

One of my favorite things is watching my kids play. It always seems to take a while before they just forget about all the other stuff and just play. This makes mom happy..The next pictures were fun and silly.. I love them.

Everyone Jump/ or not but hey I will take it. Its these moments that I know in a couple years I will miss. Its these moments I adore.

There is nothing that brings me so much pleasure as being in the mountains with my kids at my side.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Winter Blues/ Not Here

I saw this quote and I felt this huge aaahhhh
Running is hard for me in the Winter.. There I said it. I find it hard to feel excited and that running glitter is just not running in my head right now. Oh winter why do you do this .
OK so I ask myself what is the upside to this feeling ? I will tell you. So no I don't really want continue my scheduled running schedule. It is not really cold here so that is a bad excuse. Winter brings me down. I feel like the short days take my light with them. Then I listen to that voice in my head that says G.. if you don't run all the time than your not a real  runner. The crap that the little voice in my head says.
I am choosing not to listen to it because its crap in the winter. The up side to this is that because I am feeling these things I get to choose. I am making a choice not to listen to the way I feel. Just because I feel that running is hard for me in the winter does not make me stop. Just because I want to be a big baby does not make me a baby. I am writing this because I so many of us put so much stress on ourselves this time of year. Its hard so just because that little voice in your head says something does not make it true. I am trying to be more grateful and really practicing or trying to practice being here . When I feel a negative I go to the quite place in my head ( were its silent no little voice ) take a deep breath and go on. I ignore the negative voice and choose to do what needs to be done. I am smiling more because I am choosing too. So the upside to the winter blues is becoming aware that I don't have to be blue. I just have to work a little harder to stay happy… Running overflows all over the place in my life..

Monday, November 24, 2014

Hello Simple Monday

Hello Simple Monday, Thank you for once again giving me another chance to start again. Once a week you bring a new beginning. This week you bring a chance to see good friends and family. A chance to love more . An opportunity to stand in gratitude.  There is hope that comes with Monday. A simple hope that we can make this week better than last. That this week we will grow. Start something new or maybe just let go. With in every Monday there is a new story that will be written and that we take a lead role in. This week I am choosing to take on a new adventure to see new stories that are right in front of me . To not be negative and to simply love more…to love with out fear of anything. This week I will love my life a little bit more. Thank you MOnday for giving me yet another opportunity to start over.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Post 1000 is on today

This is my 1000 post. I started my blog many years ago. I thought this was a perfect way to journal and share my passions. I have gone from scrap booking to knitting to crochet to painting all that time running and sharing all about my races. Those stories are here on my blog. All the stories that make me happy. 
Today I spent most of the day hiking with my kids at the Cleavland National Forrest. My son asked me if we could wake up early and go hiking.  I said really ?? and he said yes. I woke up this morning and let them sleep in a little bit because there on break and then before I knew it we were in the car driving to the mountains. It was that easy. They really wanted to go.(so inside I was super happy but played it of as cool mom ) Isabella even wore a little deer outfit. There is nothing that could make me happier except maybe living in the mountains. The drive is hard on Jack its about an hour drive, he hates the car. Isabella was a big help singing to him and keeping him happy. Christopher carried Jack in the back pack for most of the way and this made Jack very happy. Isabella and I fallowed behind because I was being paranoid mom. ( Don't drop the baby )
 We talked so much on our hike. We talked about what they wanted to be when they grew up. How they plan on getting a job. We talked about high school and there was a-lot of questions about how hard its going to be. We talked about our dream house in the mountains and many times it was said..We are so lucky we have each other. I asked them what there favorite part was about having a family and they said dinner time. When we sit together and eat your food mom. We sit and talk and eat and talk. I love that. We laid on the ground and looked up at the sky. Even jack was just laying there looking at all the clouds. I felt like what we were doing was sweet and just sharing with ourselves moments I hope we always remember. Isabella said mom we are under my favorite food Mashed potatoes. The clouds looked huge and fluffily and dark.  It was cold out but we came prepared. I brought snack that consisted of cut up apples and oranges and nuts and cheese and everything was gone by the time we made it back to the car. Another thing I love is when my kids eat. We all took turns carrying Jack. Jack kept talking and we sang songs it was really good. Have you ever had a day that you thought to yourself if I die today I am OK..That is how I felt. I had the perfect combinations of things I love. My kids the mountains and fall was in the air. I wish everyday was like today but that would get old too. So I am so very grateful that I had today. When we came over the hill and to our car this is what I saw. The sun was setting over the trees saying Thank you G for visiting and I in return said Thank you Universe for your sharing your beauty . Sometimes it just all comes together. So for my 1000 post all I can really say is that today was a grand day.