Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The baby

Baby Jack is almost 8 months old. I have a hard understanding that time goes by so fast. He loves chewing on medals. After I sanitize them and only long enough to get a couple pictures. I am not sure why we let him do this but we do.

He loves pillows. He loves to hold them squeeze them and eat them but the cutest thing is he loves to rest on them. I still need to get a picture of that.

He is also reading Runners magazine. Start them young I say.. I am joking but I just couldn't resist.

We still have a gummy smile and lots and lots of smiles  all the time. He is just so cute I want to keep kissing him all day. You really can't tell but he is so big and heavy. 

Small bits

This is what I am painting. Lots of color and freedom to just go with my brush.
Loving all of it.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Running race schedule for 2014

Running season is here . Here is of the races  I have scheduled for 2014.
San Diego Half Marathon  2:07

La Jolla Half April 27
Glorias 42 mile Birthday run
Rock n Roll full Marathon San Diego June 1
Wild Horse half marathon June 10
Rock n Roll full Marathon Seattle June 21
Rock n Roll half Marathon Chicago July 20
Stairway to Heaven half Marathon August 10
Dick Collins Fire trail 50 miles October 11
Lake hodges 50k October 26
North face half Marathon December 6
I am really excited because I love to run. I have been running for 12 years and it is a huge part of who I am. There is something about the feeling of being able to run for hours outside in nature that I love. I have this huge sense of peace and tranquility during my runs. I come to peace with situations or just let them go. I chant when I run.
Strong mind Strong body
It helps because I am a very insecure person and running gives me the security to know I am strong enough to overcome. It gives me the energy I need to be a good mom and running has taught me discipline . You have to put in the work to get good results.  Running has made me stronger and that makes for a healthier life style. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Whats on the schedule

What are you up to this weekend ?
This is my weekend in three pictures.
Happy Life

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Quick Lesson Reminder

Yesterdays was one of the busiest days I have had in a really long time. So many things needed to get done and there was appointments . Groceries and meals to be cooked and well I was so tired.

but what I did manage to do was spend 30 minutes outside with this little guy painting.  That's what gave me the glitter or pink unicorns I needed to get through the rest of my day with a smile. So my quick lesson was take 30 minutes to do what makes you happy and that could carry your happy heart for the rest of the day.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

SuPer HoT but Crazy Idea RuN

Hi There I am glad I have a chance to write here an hour or so after my run. Today its really hot here. I live a little in and from North County and its 80 here but it feels like 90. I went for a run early today with my little man in the stroller . It started out great but it was warmer than normal . I was not sure how Jack was going to handle it so I took toys and if he felt unhappy at any time I was going to turn around and come home. I want him to like the stroller not hate it. So off we went . It was earlier than his nap time so he didn't nap but he sang and made happy baby noises for the first hour or so. I did not wear my head phones like I usually do because I wanted to be able to hear him. Its different running with out them. I felt more aware and more present . I hope that makes sense. I saw all the leaves falling of the trees and I love this little path near my house.

This is it. I really had not paid much attention to it its just a sidewalk with some trees but it has become where I do my hill repeats and its about 2 miles so its long enough to see hoe fast I can go for a mile or two or where I slow down and just jog.  I was thinking on  y magic path today that my birthday is coming up and I will be 42. So to celebrate my birthday I am going to do a 42 mile run. I have always talked about doing that on my birthday and I am not getting younger so its now is the time. I love the ideas that come from running . So now I am going to plan a cool course and invite some friends to meet me at the finish line. I thought I would have my kids make me a medal out of clay. I am so excited to get planning on my this crazy little adventure birthday run.
Have a wonderful day and I will share the entire experience with you.G