Wednesday, February 10, 2016

So many miles so little time

It is no secret that saturdays are my favorite day of the week. I have hours of running to look forward too. This saturday was no exception. We all met up at Penny Pines at 7am. This means that I need to be in the car by 5 am. I wake up at 4 am so I can be in the car by 5am. I don't really mind it and that tells me I must really love this sport. I arrived on time and lucky for me so did everyone else. So off we went I think there was 11 people. I started near the back and the one thing I remember really well was how freaking cold it was. 

It was so cold that even with gloves and a hat I just ran as fast as I could so I would warm up fast. This is my friend Nartaya she started her training this weekend for the PCT50. 

So its one big happy group running along the PCT. There was so much snow on the ground . This is the most snow I have ever seen on the PCT. It was awesome. I felt like I was playing tag. Except no was ever chasing me I did the chasing :) becuase I was it. 

I got a new pack. ( Valentines Day Gift ) I had so much fun you guys. Every time I show up to run on saturday I am left with the feeling of I belong in the mountains. Its like eating your favorite vegetable and knowing its so good for you and it's supposed to be in your mouth sort of thing. Did that make sense ? I am not sure but I just love how free it feels to just go. We ran for 18 miles and it took us a couple hours . Yes, it was hard it is always hard but it still somehow manages to get easier. I would not trade my the training part of my journey for anything. 

This past Monday we ran in Fall brook. This is a really hard, kick your ass into high gear and get ready to sweat your butt of run. Needless to say I would be lying if I did not wake up Monday morning trying to talk myself out of showing up.My brain ( Gloria you ran 28 miles this past weekend its ok not to go)  I finally just got in the car and went even though all me wanted me to stay home. Not because I was tired just because I knew I was going to get my ass kicked. I know I can do it but OH MAMA !!!! its so hard. Not wanting to show up is the lamest reason not to show up. The only reason for me not show up is if I am exhausted or injured. I was neither.
                                                     See the perfect mountain climbing  training up and down.
THis run is either up like this..

or down !!! I am owe so much to my friends who also show up and train there butt off. So I feel like my training for Western States is off to a great start. Showing up is half the battle the other half is putting one foot in front of the other and not stopping. 

I love these people. I am learning so much from them . In the last 7 days I ran on the PCT in 30 degree weather with snow every where to 80 degree in San Marcos to 90 degree in the hot sun going up steep mountains in Fallbrook. Getting outside always makes me happy…Hope you are having a great week too.

Friday, February 5, 2016

A friday thought

This morning I went to the park to work out. I was not able to make it to my gym because I had a sick little boy all night and I ended up going to bed at 4am. Then from 4am on it was more of a sleep with a little boy laying on top of me sleep. I canceled my gym apt and slept in. Then later in the day when he wanted nothing to do with me and just wanted his dad I went for a short run or maybe I just wanted to get outside. I always start of slow I am a person that does things slow and I slowly adapt and running is no different even if I do it every day. I ended up running for an hour and just tinkling about lucky I and grateful I feel that I get the opportunity to train with friends who are willing to teach me and each other what they know about this sport.  I also find it surprising that I have changed so much . I never thought I would so excited about my Saturday long run but I am. I am really excited about getting up at 4am so I can be at our running location on time. I am excited about knowing I will be spending most of the morning out in the wilderness just running around. I know it will be hard but it is just that feeling that I crave. The feeling of knowing that I am slowly getting stronger. I took this picture of my girl friend last week. It looks so perfect . The trees the sunlight gleaming through the trees and a strong female running.  Tomorrow will be another glorious Saturday that for me includes a long run with friends. What does your Saturday look like ? make it a good time. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

My Grateful Heart

This was one of those moments. Life slowed down and I was taken back in time. I used to sit in that same chair my son is sitting in with my dad when I was young. 33 years later I found myself looking back in time. Its my son sitting next to him. Time goes by so quickly. It is so important to make the best we can out of each day. Today the best for me was having this moment. Seeing it and being able to observe it. I feel my gratitude so deep with in me. I know no one is here forever and that it is so important to say I love you every day to those we hold close.  My heart felt so full as I sat with these two. I love when it is the simple things that mean everything . Today this moment was everything. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Welcome February

The month is of to a great start. I love it when you actually do what you set out to do. Even if its just for 1 day.  Today we went on a crazy run. I can tell I am getting stronger on the uphills. The trick is practice practice practice. The weather has been a little crazy for San Diego that always makes for fun running weather. The goal for this week is to run 60 plus miles. It's one week at a time for me. Small goals are always more attainable. So I would say that Gloria has officially started training for her first Western States 100 mile endurance run. 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Thank You January

We made through the first month of 2016. I had a couple goals I really want  to make habits and I am on my way. I am working on eating healthier. This month Jack and I had a healthy smoothie 25 days out of 30. That's good. I keep it simple Spinach, pineapple, banana for now. I did add cherries for about a week. I feel healthier :)  Something has to change when it comes to my eating habits. I think slowly I am making life time changes.
I did lots of running and hiking and walking this month too. I really want to hike more with my kids and I we got out a couple times this month. That is a big deal when you have teenagers . So Thank you January for all your blessing. I can also say this was a thinking month. I spent a lot of time just writing down stuff in my journal. Some months I feel like there is a real need to write it feels so healing. On to The Love month. Here we go !!!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

A little bit of today

This entire day felt just like that movie. The one I can't shake. Sometimes it feels like I am just standing here watching the whole thing play out but other times I know I am the one that is driving and taking everyone along for the ride. It's funny how today will simply be a memory . I want to hold it in my hand and never let go but children are that perfect reminder that everything changes and everything is only temporary. It is up to me to take bits and pieces from each day and put them away in that special place in my heart. These memories feel like a movie.